WEEDY WEED POD – Disposable THC Vape Pod


WEEDY WEED POD – Disposable THC Vape Pod

Discover the ultimate vaping convenience with the Weedy Vape and our exclusive Weedy Weed Pod.

This compact, disposable device is pre-filled with a top-notch THC vape oil, boasting 10 exquisite fruity cannabis strains to choose from.

It’s USB-powered for consistent performance and designed for on-the-go ease. Elevate your vaping experience with Weedy Vape, where fruity flavors meet cannabis bliss in every puff!

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Lemon Drop - Sativa 1,386฿-7% 1,363฿-8.5%
MAUI WAUI - Sativa
Legend OG - Indica
Ice cream Cake - Indica 1,386฿-7% 1,363฿-8.5%
Guava Cake - Sativa 1,386฿-7%
Blueberry Kush - Indica 1,386฿-7% 1,363฿-8.5%
Honey Bananas - Hybrid 1,386฿-7% 1,363฿-8.5%
Mac n' Cheese - Indica 1,386฿-7% 1,363฿-8.5%
Pineapple Express - Sativa
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Introducing the Weedy Weed Pod, your go-to solution for experiencing the delightful fusion of fruity and cannabis flavors on-the-go.

 Our Weedy Weed Pods is specifically designed to offer a seamless and hassle-free vaping experience. Ensuring you can enjoy your favorite strains anytime, anywhere.

Weedy Vape product features a user-friendly disposable vape design. pre-filled with premium-quality THC vape pen disposable vape oil. Ensuring maximum convenience without any compromise on flavor or potency.

The Weedy Weed Pods are available in an assortment of 10 mouthwatering fruity cannabis strains.

 Each crafted to perfection to deliver an unparalleled taste experience Powered by a reliable USB and rechargeable battery. The Weedy Vape guarantees a consistent and satisfying vaping journey from start to finish.

 With its compact and portable design, you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag. Ensuring your favorite flavors are always within reach.

Enhance your vaping experience with the Weedy Weed Pod and Weedy Vape where convenience meets quality, and every puff is a celebration of the finest fruity Weed oil flavors.

Try it today and elevate your vaping game to new heights!

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Legend OG – Indica, MAUI WAUI – Sativa, Lemon Drop – Sativa, Ice cream Cake – Indica, Platium Gelato – Indica, Guava Cake – Sativa, Blueberry Kush – Indica, Honey Bananas – Hybrid, Mac n' Cheese – Indica, Pineapple Express – Sativa

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1 review for WEEDY WEED POD – Disposable THC Vape Pod

  1. English

    marjanijaye (verified owner)

    Love this brand! Each strain is good. I’m from Las Vegas, and I’d say it matches up with the states! 🙏🏼

    • English

      neverland (verified owner)

      I’m glad that you like it krub 😛

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